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We farm Texas Longhorn & Buelingo Cattle

The cattle are the framework the other animals work around; they are the main grass harvesters. During the warm months they spend day and night in the wide-open spaces here at Meldick Farms. The mothers nurse the calves while they graze on the tender new growth of grasses and legumes. On cold nights, they enjoy the hay that has been harvested during the heat of summer.

Why Do We Raise Texas Longhorn Cattle?

Longhorns are the original grass fed beef forged by centuries of self-sufficiency in the west. It was the Longhorns that settled the west, for trails are not blazed by salad!

They are very hardy, calving on their own without assistance. Aggressive foragers, eating plants typical beef cattle over look.

Their meat is lean and flavorful, having as little fat content as chicken. The lean grind product produces a satisfying eating experience just as it did for The Charles Goodnight Crew (the inventors of the chuck wagon) as they drove cattle north to the rail head.

You owe it to yourself and family to try Longhorn lean beef. Itís the beef you can feel good about eating.

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